For wise, tolerant people, those who understand and accept the existence of others, the earth is the Motherland of all! At a critical moment like today, where division and wars challenge life, where evil has spread its roots throughout the globe, people must be aware of the uncertain future, sound the alarm and unite in one, to oppose evil. Writers and artists must play a primary role in this battle with Evil, so that with their pen and knowledge they can accelerate the process of human awareness. The more priority and sensitivity we give to the issue we are talking about, the more vital it will be in the near future for the health of the earth globe, for guaranteeing human life, ours and our children’s. Otherwise, it will be too late, and disaster is inevitable.
The question is; Can people become more aware of the irreplaceable values ​​of life? Can we understand that life is controlled by us, we are the ones who make it beautiful or prosperous, with our gestures and actions, with dedication, solidarity, respect and altruism towards others, especially towards the weaker beings of different species that populate the world, and delight us with their presence? Do you think how sad the world would be without the sun rising every morning, and a giant cloud swallowing it? Even more terrible is a nuclear weapon, which not only destroys sunlight, but everything that comes before it during and after the explosion, and hundreds of square kilometers of land are surrendered to the empire of Death and chaos. Yes, the world would be so sad if we woke up one morning and no longer found our neighbors, the voices of their children, that “good morning” given with a smile, and the invitation to live peacefully.
It would be equally sad and scary if the sky was no longer crossed by birds with their wonderful wings, the trees dried up, the waters of the rivers stopped their eternal journey to the sea. Many years ago I wrote an essay that I still find relevant today; “We never manage to learn from our mistakes and failures? How do we never manage to be more aware, kinder to others and to ourselves? This is the half face of a half world. The rest, the truth, lies hidden in the dark, like an iceberg under water. It is a sick world that needs a long time to heal. The world has become scary if you are in an endless jungle of trees and wild animals, but you realize that it is just as scary if you are in the middle of the human jungle, among these huge cities, their roads, their skyscrapers, factories, advertisements, and lights. multimillion. A world with air, a still natural world I seek, but I can’t find it. A world with human misery, where you don’t see yourself as small, weak and insignificant, where chaos and confusion don’t swallow you up. Where the machine does not do the work of man, and man in turn does not turn into a robot and calculator. Where love is not just an invented word in the dictionary, but a reality. Where life doesn’t turn into a walled prison that breaks mugs everywhere you go, but a bright field where you can run free and redeemed, where the energies you carry don’t harm anyone, where you learn to live alone with it necessary, and you have no reason to violate, oppress, harm, and upset the balance of the world to satisfy a sick, temporary ego. “
So, let’s take a look and look life in the eye, it is not the way it should be, instead of angry children we should see and feel the fate of thousands of children who are killed by bombs in a merciless war, often for whims of some madmen who have money and power. We must see with pain those mothers who fail to provide daily food for themselves and their children, and we help them, the mistreatment of women, the elderly and innocent people, and find ourselves at the right moment to extend a hand peace and hope. We must see with the eyes of the soul all the evils of this world and prevent them with the power of our voice and pen, with the strength of reason and progress, in the name of goodness and continuation of life.

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