written by Daniel de Culla

A Chamorro guy, somewhat drunk, from the Holy Family  neighborhood, in Burgos, became a min e’s friend in the Don Ponce’s Orchards , Capiscol, leisure gardens to be cultivated by the elderly who request them from the City Council.

There, we made friends with a woman who sold eggs, who had the habit of planting crouched, showing us her ass without panties; she was known as the “Honest Lady of La Ventilla”, because she had the habit of saying:

-From Capiscol to Punta Brava (from end to end) I am honest.

As one of our topics of conversation was Death; and because, one day, at lunch break, we told her that we would like to die like Pope Leo VII with a heart attack while he was having sex; or like Pope Paul II, who died while being sodomized by a page; or like Pope Hadrian IV fucking a fly; or like Félix Faure, who died while a whore gave him a blowjob; or Nelson Rockefeller while he had sex with his secretary; she told us that she knew a woman from Villagonzalo Pedernales, a naturist and physiotherapist who gave massages with happy endings, knowing for a fact that she had already given happy deaths to more than five men who, for this reason, the people of the town said:

-The loves of Anesthesia give peace to everyone.

Also, this lady from La Ventilla introduced us to Juan Templado, a colleague from the orchards who had been with Anesthesia, who, as he himself told us:

  -One day, I struggled with her, feeling tight and suffocating because she, with rustic malice, placed her ass in the mouth of this patient, me, while she gave me a massage in my lower abdomen until she reached for the member and fondled it, ending in ejaculation and cum like a Sevillian mantle.

I was able to get away from her with more harm than good because I didn’t want the death at this moment. But I know for a fact that other men come to her to die in peace between her thighs. As my friend Alonso Gregorio, with detected cancer, who, upon reaching her, lay down on his face and chest to kiss and lick her sex.

  Anesthesia saw that the man, asphyxiated, was dying, she wanted to take him off her, but she stopped because my friend told her:

-I don’t get off, even if I drown.

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