GOODNESS ( little story )

It was sunny day. I was going to the store for pancakes. There was a little boy on the side of the road alone.He was upset and for some reason he was walking on the street sadly. On the other side of the road several pupil boys were going to somewhere.They were discussing something. But they did not join the boy to their group. Then I ran to the boy and I asked him:
-Hi, handsome boy, -I tried cheer him up.
He did not reply.
-Do you know those children?
-Yeah, they are my classmates…-he replied.
-Why don’ t you join them? – I asked again.
-I don’t have enough money for ice cream.They are going to eat ice cream from the nearest store. So I’m ashamed to join them…
I felt sorry for the child and gave the money I collected from my pocket for pancakes to the boy and I said:
-Go, get ice cream with your friends.
– Thanks, sister, thanks a lot, – he was extremaly merry. And he ran to his friends.
At that time, I couldn’t eat pancakes that day m but I will remember this event forever!


FERUZA ABDULLAYEVA HIKMATULLAYEVNA was born on May 27, 2006 in Sariasia district Surkhandarya region. She is studying at secondary school. Her articles were published in republican newspapers and they will published in international collectings

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