REBUKE | little story


John’s actually an excellent, well-behaved boy. But in recent days, his behavior and studies have changed. He was now playing on the phone from morning to night, he wasn’t preparing for lessons. Since his parents were abroad, he had no one to supervise him. His teachers spoke well so that he would not be sad because he was not with his parents. One of those days, he came again without preparing the lesson and interrupted everyone by talking to the people around him during the lesson. Then the teacher said: “John, you don’t prepare lessons day by day, you get mixed up with bullies. Every day you walk with strangers and become ill-mannered. You should come prepared to class. Your parents have a lot of faith in you. They are working for you. But what about you? Only “Are you playing on the phone?” he scolded. Everyone in the class fell silent, even John was surprised because no one had shouted at him before. John cried and left the room. He went out and said he hated his teacher and went home. He went home and thought about his teacher’s words and decided to change. After this reprimand, John completely changed. He always did his homework and was the best student in the class. Years later, John became the head of a large organization. And one day he asked: “Who is the cause of your achievements?” he asked. John answered this question, “My teacher and his rebuke to me.”

MEKHRANGIZ KIBRIYEVA OLIMJONOVNA was born on january 1 , 2006 in Sariasia Surkhandarya region . She is studying at secondary school. Her articles were published in republican newspapers and they will published in international collectings.

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