Heaven is a symbol

Nilufar Ruxillayeva

Mother is the word bigger than the mountains, more powerful than the storms. Mother is the light of the future, bright hope, life. When God creates a woman, He takes the color of her hair from the darkness of the night, her pride from the height of the mountain, her love from the setting sun, and her hatred from the coldness of winter.
Mother! The source of life for mother and child. Liverband is a symbol of heaven, which dies a thousand and resurrects a thousand, thinking about the pleasure of the liver.
Imagine that your son, who has been imprisoned for 10 years for some crime or wrongly accused, is returning home. Now put yourself in the place of a mother who is waiting for her son. After tying the scarf on his head upside down, he takes his legs in his hands, rushes and runs outside. Now, should the mother cook for her son, clean the courtyards with water, fill them with the smell of basil, spread blankets on the porch, bake hot, sweet cakes for her son. ?!The woman started everything at once, on the one hand, she put fire in the tandoor, started to prepare her son’s favorite dish, spread blankets around the bed, and looked at the door again and again.
…Finally, the minutes the mother was waiting for were drawing near. The impatient mother went to the street. She saw her son walking along the long road. Her eyes fell, her heart burned, her heart was broken. The boy was bent! His hair was covered in hair. I looked at his son, It felt as if all the sufferings she had suffered for the past 10 years disappeared and she fell into another world. She was excited! The mother ran and threw herself into her son’s arms.
The sun kissed his eyes, praised the creator, and entered the courtyard with his son. Then the mother, thanking the creator, thanking God for bringing you back to me, thanking you for the integrity of my hands and feet, thanking that such bright days have come, was constantly warming her son.
Even if we sacrifice our little lives for our mothers, even our little lives are not enough.
Yes, dear ones! Once again we witnessed the story that a woman has forty lives!

This story is dedicated to a mother waiting for her son, who was imprisoned for 10 years for some crime or unjustly accused.

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