Sinazo Zoe Ngxabani

I found you and your heart
In the Winter wind
Where blizzards freeze my blood
And the icy cold paints my cheeks rosy red

Walking on mountains made of hurt
Shuffling tired feet on grounds caped in snow.

When you turned your face toward mine
I gazed upon the seas within your eyes
My favorite colour resides in the canvas of your sight.

Breathing in the air — words unsaid
In secret silence to be born in despair;
Hands claw and clasp conjoined into one, forever to be intertwined.

Shuffling–shuffling dreary weary feet
All’s lovely yet freezing in the falling flakes of snow;

To find a rock and sip from the top to the bottom of a Palinka bottle and all the way to the mouth that houses and holds my lonely lips.

When the yellow winds blow our love away
We’ll stand tall and strong like bears against the thunder and the lightning across the angry scar that splits the home of angels until their feathers fall.

Seasons come and seasons go
Winds tear the barks in the forests’ face
Yet no one can ever take your place;
For I’ve found you in the arms of winds.

© Sinazo Zoe Ngxabani
East London South Africa


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