I am part of you

Iram Fatima ‘Ashi’ (KSA, NRI)

I am the smell, the aroma that you hold in your mind.

You feel my presence in that smell of love and feels being loved.

I am a heart throb of your heart that you hold in your mind,

A beat of your heart that fastens and sometimes slowdowns.

I am a fascination and beauty that you hold in your mind,

That you feel whenever you think of me and feel beautiful.

I am an emotion, a sentiment that you hold in your mind,

Which gives you strength and sometimes makes sentimental.

I might not physically be there, but you hold me in your mind.

To feel the ecstasy and to calm your soul, I am part of you.

About Author

I am Iram Fatima ‘Ashi’. I am nonresident Indian staying in Saudi Arabia.
I am part of more than 70 books and winner of 5 awards from Aagman and GlandorX for my literary contribution, I am a poetess, writer, painter and overall an artist by heart.




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