A Wagtail Speaks

Michael Hislop

Brrrrrrr…. A-Wow
Ringing sound
Calling deep
I am Man
We stand here
On this Earth
Sacred Ground

A man in darkskin
Curls graying his hair
Naked as a warrior
Stories weather his face
Blowing from his lips
Songs from before words
Low throbbing… Heartbeats

Mobs from far-flung
Kids and babies everywhere
Community alive and strong
Lithe, vibrant, fierce
A Nation within A Nation
Our first one

Feet stomping
Hands clapping
Banging message sticks
The goanna
And the kangaroo
Dancing to Life
Raising their challenge
Welcome to Our Home

Not hymnals nor Prayers
In the Name of otherworldly Spirits
There is no need
For it is Our Spirits
Who live here
Your street is where grandpapa sleeps
Please don’t disturb

Rhythms rising
Playing a banging beat
Blending hums
That bring a shimmer
And suddenly
They are here

Around a smoking fire
Spitting haze
Sit the Elders
All stern, All quiet
Glistening bellies
Penetrating eyes

The oldest One
A woman
Cried aloud
In a Voice
That awoke the sea
Below arose a rumble
The tremble of the didgeridoo
Arousing the Earth

And She stirs
Red ores raw
Mountains growing
Ravines falling
Earth quaking rolls
As She yawns
Her mouth opening a flood
Grinning at the stars

Serpent She
A dazzle to see
Rippling rainbows
Dripping scales
Sporting feathers
Her before
There was You and Me

Above a wagtail overflew
Whispering in the wind
Remember, Remember
Little Ones
I am One.

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