The Argument of Plates One day the plates in the scientist’s room held a competition. The terms of the competition were like this. Each plate should have said how it had been brought here, therefore it should have been determined which plate was more useful. Firstly, the crystal plate onContinue Reading

Warrior spirit More time and more true reason neverending Story ancient existence scattered seeds tired faces. All is silence I seek in me breaths suspended moments free breaths unexplored frontiers torn torments. We are planets distant lands rebel comrades invisible threads swords of love brothers and sisters. I live byContinue Reading

TEN CIGARETTES Ten cigarettes are not enough to be alone with broken memories. Everything can be traded, But no one knows that they are trading with tears all the time. He was looking at his yellow cigarettes with envy, There were once vibrant. Over there she used to bite herContinue Reading

Dr. Kiritkumar Bhatt Professor & Principal, NSIT – Jetalpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – India Contact:; +919879182051 (Google Scholar Profile: Dr. Kiritkumar Bhatt currently working as Professor & Principal at NSIT – Jetalpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – India. He did his BE, ME, and Ph.D. from The M S University ofContinue Reading

Eva Petropoulou Lianoy Author children literary Poet Breathe Breathe U are having 1 second to see your whole life before you die..Choose… Re born in anorher reality Ι do not belong… All your life they teach how u must do, think, act, love, live, smile All the years of educationContinue Reading

Shahid Abbas is a multi-awarded International Author and Poet from Karapla, Tandlianwala Faisalabad Pakistan. He is the author of “Words from Nature” and the co-author of “We Speak In Syllables”. Shahid is working on a poetry collaboration book “Verses of Meraki” to be published in the USA. His works wereContinue Reading

Taro Aizu (Japan) was born in the Aizu region of Fukushima prefecture, Japan in 1954. He lives in Ito near Tokyo now. He has been writing Gogyoshi and Gogyohka for 12 years in Japanese, and both for 6 years in English and French. He published a poetry book titled “My Fukushima”Continue Reading

Biography of a poet and author Lou Fu (Hsu, shih-ting) was born in Taiwan. Member of Taiwan Poetry Society, Chinese Poetry Society, International Poetry Research Society. He served as deputy editor of the paper published “China miniature poetry” and the “extra-territorial style” section editor. Author of “Banxia” poem selection (2017),Continue Reading