ERALIEVA UMUTKAN POLOTOVNA Born on July 12, 1968 in the village of Kok-Jar in Nookatsky district of Osh region, Eralieva Umutkan Polototovna is married and a loving mother to two sons and two daughters and a grandmother to seven grandchildren. From 1980 to 1985, she learnt to play the komuz,Continue Reading

Gulnara Kakhorova Uzbek poetess. He was born on August 25, 1962 in Pop district, Namangan region, in the family of a doctor. Namangan studied at the Faculty of Mother Language and Literature of the State Pedagogical Institute. The owner of the “Fame” medal, the commemorative badge of the International AmirContinue Reading

Rezauddin Stalin is a prominent poet of the eighties. His poetic language is powerful. He added mythology, theology, hallucinations and magical realism to various subjects. I have noticed that his poems are being loved and translated at home and abroad. Amazon has released its English translation. It is a realContinue Reading

E-literature magazine Kavya Kishor has crossed two years of regular publication with glory and success. The publishing program of the monthly literary magazine began with its first publication online in August 2020. Kavya refers to verse literature, humorous sweet sentences, poems or rhyming expressions, although Kavya Kishor is primarily aContinue Reading