Books are loyal friends Shahnoza Ochildiyeva Human is the greatest of the creatures that was created by God. Very invaluable mind was given to people. Everyone should try to improve their this mind and knowladge. Books can be the best helpers if anyone wants improve their mind by exalting .Continue Reading

Kampala, Uganda: Two Ugandan lawyers Eron Kiiza and Primah Kwagala, have been shortlisted for the prestigious 2022 Human Rights Defenders Award by the European Union. They were shortlisted alongside another local human rights defender Kayinga Yuddu Misito, the Coordinator of Community Transformation Foundation Network-COTFONE, which operates in the Greater MasakaContinue Reading

E-literature magazine Kavya Kishor has crossed two years of regular publication with glory and success. The publishing program of the monthly literary magazine began with its first publication online in August 2020. Kavya refers to verse literature, humorous sweet sentences, poems or rhyming expressions, although Kavya Kishor is primarily aContinue Reading