She was born in 1966. She is an educator, lawyer, writer, poet, translator.
She translates in three languages: English, Russian and his native language, Armenian. She is a distinguished pedagogue with the title of the best pedagogue. She has many titles and awards. Recently, he is mostly engaged in translations. His poems, translations, prose works have been translated in the press of many countries, such as Pakistan, Spain, Vietnam, Russia and other countries. With her efforts, the foreign reader gets to know the treasures of modern Armenian literature, and vice versa, the Armenian reader enjoys reading the newest works of world literature. She is engaged an active political process. Greatly fights for peace, and all her poetry breathes calls against war. She is a supporter of peace, cooperation and creation among nations.

Armine Vaghramyan – Pahlavuni


Part 1


And God wanted a great person to be born, who then would be named was Armine which means the daughter of the sun. But I couldn’t be compared to the Sun as my skin was only a little dimmed from the sun. I was born and survived but my mind full of great thoughts did not have a rest day and night, and the wonderful thoughts were like diplomatic documents given by ambassadors. That bright, sprinkling mind was so heavy that did not let me to be tall. And I was satisfied with the fact that short people are rich in their imagination. My mind was like them and I couldn’t grow up and I am short. When I was born I was a small creature who weighed only 2 kg, whose cry made all birth mothers feel tired. A black pearl like me couldn’t be discharged from the hospital as my birth was difficult. There was something very important which played a great role in talented Armine’s life. I was a back labor. In that historical moment I showed my bum to the world. And many years even recently when I tried to consider me as an accomplished person, even then I couldn’t understand why this world instead of greeting this talented person is angry with me. Now I understand, the world could not forgive me my baby bum, because they were expecting a humble, obedient person with a mask on her face and false, insincere smile. Everything continued as God wanted and I foreseeing everything I revealed myself that a lot of things in this world are done by stupid reach, who win the great minds, and conquer even my beautiful part of the body. But I couldn’t hide this part of my body and my treasure mind ,and this added the heroes of gossiper armies. And I moved forward sometimes falling, sometimes cursing, sometimes being against, and sometimes with a smile in my face forgiving them. On my way I met many famous, dimmed from their shine, stunning people, this stupid people had huge amounts of money and they gave me a real life lessons. Me , a talented person was like an ant compared to them . My splendid imagination helped me at that time, which won the battle every time and convinced me that the most important thing is my bright mind. And the world couldn’t forget the way I was born for a long time. My days passed very quickly, I moved and when I got up I understood that I had been moving already half a century and I couldn’t grow up, and I can’t be tall any more, all my efforts were gone. I was so sorry because it is obvious that the height of people is obviously seen but the digital society is not interested in genius minds any more. And how I could get rid of such cruel surprise of destiny and how could I get a mask of real happiness. And then I was becoming mature and I was realizing that it was in vain to torture , the world couldn’t be understood my my genius mind, and it does not matter that I showed my bum to the world. In this reality there are so many glorious and big bums glued to their chairs that what I could do was to prefare to stay genius. And there was a time that I was so worried about the main question day and night that I lost my sleep.

Part 2

Did Jesus need Judas bertayal

And while they were eating, he said,”Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me.” They were very sad and began to say to him one after the other, “Surely you don’t mean me, Lord?” The lord has answered them “ The one who dipped his hand into the bowl with me will betray me. The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to the man who betrays him. It would be better for him if he had not been born. The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born.” then Judas, the one who would betray him, said, “Surely you don’t mean me?” Jesus answered, “You have said so.” (Matthew26:21-25): “Why did Judas betray his teacher?” The idea that Jesus was teaching was the Kingdom of God and it differed from the idea of the kingdom that Judas imagined. The Lord spoke about the eternal life but Judas who loved glory misunderstood his speech and imagined kingly life living on the Earth. May be the way of thinking was the reason of disappointment of impossibility between the existing reality and the dreamed which later became the reason of betrayal. It was written, and accordingly it was to happen so that the Son of God could do his mission and then resurrect from the dad. What was the way of moving from the earthy life to life in Heaven. Accordingly Jesus could not tell the authorities that he was ready to be crusified. It would mean that the symbol of bad would be created , in the result of which he would realize what was written. But what the most awful thing of all times for all nations and tribes is it is of course betrayal. And he who came to Earth to save, who was the truth and the light was crusified becoming the victim of betrayal. I am from Soviet Union like many people of my age. I would not explain the advantages and disadvantages of that world smoothly. I used to be a pioneer and went to Soviet special pioneer camps and I was in touch with different nations by letter writing. I took part in different celebrations with boys including cleaning ones and enjoyed the happiness of living in that countries. 25 students from my classmates entered Universities, took Russian entrance exams without taking any private lessons and graduating from Armenian school. This was the educational system of Soviet Union a part of which was Soviet Armenia. Despite all its disadvantages Soviet Union had 3 things that were not to compare with anything else. They were free education, health services and flats. I will be short and tell that such kind of country there has never existed before and will not exist any more. May the so called political leaders judge me. I would not be the first to say that how they try to abolish patriotism and the idea of a family from our generation in the future. As the history of wars and civilizations proves that dishonest wishes of people while coming across with the healthy ideas they become free it does not matter how via wars, pandemic or accidents. And as always the intelligentsia of the nation full of hope not foreseeing believes the ideas of creating a future and coming out of the rality of bribery and lawlessness which was created by former authorities and finally building the country which they had dreamed. And having to pay a big price. And you remember great Nalbandyan’s words

“Oh, your way will be full of difficulties
and you will meet many obstacles,
as the world is too nerrow
for the ones who love freedom”

But can we call freedom what we have nowadays. Is it so painful and bitter. Again I come back to my youth. From where came the founder of rebuilding. And I think that in politics people are not appearing randomly. And where was the Soviet Russian government when that person was realizing his betraying, ruining, enemious political plans and saying that the world famous astrologist Victor Hambardzumyan was an extremist. And not only he was not punished for ruining such a country but he received a Nobel prize and today is enjoying life with all its sides. What happened was a terror and had to be punished for the sake of people. Isn’t the history being repeated? When the people believing new ideas are moving in wrong destination and later getting up will be very painful. It is impossible to believe that the country was ruined only because the nations wanted to be identified which is also natural and is an inseparable part of international right. There are many recent examples of states which have become independent recently. Somaly in Eritrea, West Timor in 2002, Chernogor, Sudan and Afganistan. So why could not use their right all the nations which existed in that structure. Where this nations guilty that realized their rights? I am supposed to think that it was ruined from inside. And it was obvious that it should happen. And suddenly I realize that we have what we have. I return to the beginning and try to understand. Did Jesus need Judas betrayal Did Soviet Union need Gorbachov’s betrayal. Was it written and was it to happen? Or that country had to create Judas. And the future came with its ugly naked dance. INDEPENDANCE and BETREYAL have become equal for our nation. We could not understand the reality and realize that we are not in a dream and we can’t choose a king whatever happened. How long will this continue? We couldn’t get rid of this for the sake of future. And the bloody war laughed at uz at our stupid way of thinking. And the victims became three times more in Erablur. “Did Jesus need Judas betrayal?” Two million Armenians are struggling not equally for the demand of justice and the cries of help don’t get answers. Our nation has used its international right of identity, it has stood for the sake of existence and belief and the “Troyan hourse” inside the country laughs at uz. “Did Jesus need Jusad betrayal?” I often judge myself remeating that we have chosen this way. But it is obvious that we have chosen the way of being ruined an abolished. Or may be instead of uz it was before chosen? Where can we find the truth? And while I was seeking my musas disappeared. My country and my soul was shaken, My life became red from many colors and I started to believe that we are winning.


Part 3


I finished my evening and went to the station, after waiting for a long time I took a taxi. I opened the door and got in the back of the taxi .I told the address and waited after several minutes there was no answer. I came forward to ask him why he was not moving and noticed that the driver had put his head on the wheel. I was worried and asked.
– Is something wrong? What has happened? The driver trying to concentrate started to drive.
-I am sorry my sister, Just I was lost in thoughts. And we started our endless Armenian talk when I looked back I noticed his trembling voice and blue eyes.
-My son is in Karabagh, you know how many tanks he has destroyed. His tone of voice changed from the feeling of obvious proud of his son and my heart was filled with joy .
-Long live your son, he deserves to be Armenian, and long live you that have brought up such a son. I was still talking when he interrupted me and said.
-I did not have time to bring him up, it’s his mother, but my son started to smoke when he was a schoolboy. He took after his impatient and crazy uncle. I could hardly help my smile as it was typical Armenian way. It was obvious that his son was patriotic, brave and he took it after his father, and all good things he had taken after his father, and the fact that he is impatiens and smokes he had taken the qualities from her mother, especially from that uncle, and all bad features of character he has taken from him. Then quickly looking for his sigarets, lit it with his trembling hands and continued, I wanted to ask him who he had taken after that was smoking but I did not manage to ask.
-My sister, I am not allowed to smoke, my heart as I had stent placement of my heart, and doctors told me that I had to give up smoking. I wanted to go to Karabagh but they did not let me go and I started to smoke and drive a taxi. While he was speaking I was thinking that only father can find people to help him to go and defend his country. Then there was an ugly silence and in the dark I noticed how he could p his cry and how his tears did not let him take a breath. I don’t know why but that tears warmed my broken heart.
-I haven’t had any news from my son for two days and my wife makes me nervous asking the same questions when I go home. Without wanting to go in their private family life I said.
– Don’t worry, as soon as you get home your hero son will call and you will receive news from him, everything is ok, just there is no connection to call. I was struggling silently myself” Who am I to tell such things, there is no connection, what am I saying? “But I continued.
– You will see, my brother, how your son will come back safely, I feel that, I know that.
-Thank you, my sister, let all our sons come back, let no eyes cry and be waiting for their sons. Let God bless our sons.
-Amen, I replied.
– Otherwise my poor wife will suffer and me too, and I don’t know how long I will survive with my broken heart. No, my son has to come back. I promised to have sacrifice for God, if you tell your phone number I will invite you when my son comes back. Hardly helping my cry. Let your sacrifice be accepted from God. We will celebrate the event of your son’s return. He threw away the sigaret , opened a perfume and spraying it said.
– It is my son’s perfume, his girlfriend has given it to him. I am spraying so that my wife will not be angry with me for the fact that I have smoked again. He asked me.
– My sister, I don’t even ask you how you feel after the smoke and the aroma of the perfume, may be you are out of breath. I answered laughing. “Everything is ok. But in my thoughts everything was confused, and I was thinking of a single sentence” Please call, hero son, you have to call, your mother is waiting for you, your beloved girl is waiting for you, because I am waiting for you, the nation and the country is waiting for you. The driver was still talking.
-My sister, my wife will guess that I have smoked and sprayed the perfume and will start…..And she always says that the perfume is my son’s and his beloved girl has given it to him. And says that it does not belong to me, I am not allowed to use it. And I don’t even ask her why she hasn’t bought a perfume for me. Then he was silent, his voice trembled, but understanding that the moment was becoming difficult he changed the theme.
– I am sorry for that girl, she is well brought up, modest, devoted, from a good family. When my son comes back, I want them to marry soon, because I want to have grandchildren and with my wife take care of the children. I told my son to have as many children as God will give them. I told this also her beloved girl. I will have 7 grandchildren in my family. We nearly reached my place but I would not want our talk to end, which was like Armenian fresh lavash but I said.
– Thank you driver, how much do I have to pay? You have already payed my sister, I bothered you so much. You can consider it a good dad from my side to Armenian mothers. He said such things that I could not find answers and closing the door I went to our building. The car went, but I was following him, and its light seemed a light of hope from the distance. And then for a long time I couldn’t recover myself from that thoughts and I was asking God to make my today’s hero’s dreams come true and to have seven grandchildren in their family, and the fire of his home will be eternal, and the smoke of the fire rising up to the sky for the sake of the ONES who are considered as saints and heroes. Who will not hug their mothers any more and will not clear their tears saying” Mam jan”, for those who have given homeland to our HOMELAND.
And the world will write a VICTORY. In the sky.
My mother is bleeding, she is sick,
She still heals Phaeton’s pains,
My mother is desperate, she is sick
But in his plow he makes a turn,
The son is indifferent, my mother is sick,
It’s a dark night all around,
He breathes a sigh of relief.
And the soul is hungry, ruin and booty.
My mother is very tired, she is sick
Both from greens and other devices,
To fade in this four-legged world,
Wants to escape from her children.
Wounded, wounded, my mother is sick,
Just amazed by our invention,
How it happened that the humble son,
It brought disasters with a false story.
Already angry, my mother is sick,
Infinitely ignorant void of the future,
Frozen by the senseless blood shed,
It is a childless and abandoned century.
My mother is betrayed, and she is sick…
There is no way to search, to find
To damn son that is suicidal son
To reach for help, to reach, to save.
I miss my lovely mother, she is sick
He still forgives our mistakes
But it will be destroyed or there will be thunder,
Or give the wounded heart to the wind again?
My mother is sick, she is quiet and silent.
We are destroying him today.
People of the world, our home is one
And the Earth is our mother sick.
People of the world, we are in the same house
It is unforgivable to destroy it.
People of the world, we must
As long as we are breathing and still living…
For the sake of tomorrow’s dawn and the Sun,
For the sake of love, brotherhood and humanity
For the sake of a superhuman being,
For the sake of superman breathing,
For of the soul, for all the faith
For life and bright light,
Let’s do our faith together
Let the war stop
Let’s look at each other trustingly,
The path of evil, by blocking
Let’s HUMAN by live being.



I love autumn,
I am an educator:
New learning, faces, books and numbers…
I love autumn,
I am a poet:
Fields and mountains, colorful games…
I love autumn,
I am an artist:
Peace and smile, bare trees…
I love autumn,
I am the giver of life:
Armenian cellars full of harvest…
I hate autumn,
I’m a crying mother:
War, blood, orphaned wings…
I hate September,
I am Armenian:
By blood splattered lost dreams…


* In our modern history, all wars and Turkish attacks took place in autumn, in September, and on September 21, the Armenian nation celebrates its national holiday, the Independence Day.



Only old people go to March.
Dancing with the fragments of the spine,
The years they lived and did not live,
They gathered and set off in the dark.

Only old people go to March.
Who know how to live and teach,
Those already defeated in the battle of life,
Who know how to sanctify themselves with blood.

Only old people go to March.
Unbroken by falsehood, darkness,
Who know what life is, what creat is
The young blood replaced by wisdom.

Only old people go to March
And let my blessing be a guardian,
And the young old men will hold the torch again,
My lost holy land unprotected.
Only old people go to March.
They must to return with our victories…

In memory of the intellectual Armen Grigoryan, who invested all his efforts to free the country from the dictator, who was falsely accused and who bid farewell to the world on the day of his acquittal in the courtroom with cardiac arrest, who looked death in the eye and beat death with his kind smile.

You were a different kind…, sanctified,
With your crazy smile, familiar to many,
You were an honest warrior and you fought
Longing for purity, airless in this country.
Many great values ​​professed in life,
You haven’t lost yourself, you weren’t a traitor
The truth was your friend
And you cruelly repaid.
There was still much to say and much to do.
Unbreakable warrior, kindred spirit,
My words are painful, Armen, dear,
You are the witness of the Armenian, the master of speech.
Dungeons, prisons, didn’t stop you
You felt the danger of destruction in your soul,
How traitors lead my people to this dishonorable path
You were ruthlessly slaughtered by someone else’s hand.
How could your could you keep the pains many?
Your wounded heart, mourner of the nation.
There are still many in this bare life of ours,
They will apologize with tears streaming down their faces.
You were a different kind…, sanctified,
Known to many with your crazy smile,
You were an honest warrior and you fought
Longing for purity, airless in this country.
And you who will come later will be
You should be ashamed of your grandfather’s behavior.
You will stigmatize the executioner’s hand,
To ensure the flight of the Armenian
You have to bring up the truth of everything.

You who lost his face
Whose gaze like with the lightning,
From what the enemy was shaking…
You who have forgotten yours origin
Whose incorruptible light
Nations were often fed…
You who were born free
And conquer it with the Armenian arrow,
You were winning…
You who yearn for company
You were fooled by the wrong choice.
And your enemy is using it…
You who made history
Alas, with more losses,
Whom the world looked at indifferently…
You, who were a jewel of prudence,
You set an example with yourself.
And they knew it everywhere, in every fold…
You who had flights in life
And you no to broken by violent falls,
You to perpetuate your faith whith Avarayr…
You, who took birth and got wings from Ar,
Who Shed blood in his country’s struggle,
You Stay alone aslike the Savior in life …
You lost your face and deceived,
Today you gave yourself up to darkness and evil
Are you suffering in your degerums…
You who were for creation
You Imprison yourself in horror
You are still searching for your roots…

Meanwhile, the Armenian fruitful tree
He needed protection
So that our footprints would not fade
In the pages of this crazy delusion…

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