Given Mukelabai Kolomu

With you, I feel a deep heartfelt affection,
The bond between you and me is as strong as steel.
Our souls are entwined like vines in a lush garden,
Life is a journey and you’re my favorite destination.

Hand in hand, together we form a beautiful reflection,
Our bond is so strong, even Bluetooth is jealous.
Friendship a precious timeless collection, forever hand in hand.

Making friends is just a cable call away,
Let’s sync up and have a great time together,
Your communication is a well oiled machine, always in sync.

Our hearts are magnets, drawn together by an irresistible force,
Our friendship like a bridge connecting two worlds.

In togetherness we find our perfection,
Our souls meet in a divine connection
Trust is the basis of strong resurrection.

Collaborative group Speak Free Ink.

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