Translator, writer and poet Yusuf Aslan was born in the village of Malatya (Fethiye) in 1954.
He moved to Adana at a very young age.
After his retirement he wrote more than 3000 poems, anecdotes and articles!
“Strange Mirto”,
“Lights of Fethiye”,
“The Fate of Elif Girl”,
He is the author of the books and also the famous novel “Karayılan”.
On October 30, 2020, he became the winner of the National Prize for Literature “Golden Pen of Russia” – the highest international award in Russia.
This event happened for the first time in Turkey.
Yusuf Aslan received a literary badge made of pure gold with his magnificent novel “Karayılan”.
Yusuf Aslan also popularized the world literature by translating the poems of foreign authors into Turkish.
He became the owner of German diplomas.
Diploma of M. V. Shakespeare from the UNESCO World Union of Writers, Munich city, and personal thank you letter from the Russian-speaking poet Gennady Dick from the village of Gutersloh. The military-historical novel “Balkans” by the writer Svetlana Savitskaya was very quickly translated into Turkish by her, and the literary level of this magnificent work was duly noted by the State Writers’ Union of the Russian Federation.
N.F.Ivanov, head of the Russian Writers Union, personally presented the writer-translator Yusuf Aslan with the Literary Prize named after M.A. at the Central House of Writers in Moscow.
Backed by the medal, Sholokhov said “For significant achievements in creativity. M.A. Sholokhov “. Kh. Gayubov (Tajikistan) director and translator-translator G. Sharipova (Uzbekistan) also worked on the translation of the novel “Balkans”.
The entire project team, including the author of the novel, became the winners of the Central Asian Competition “Best Book of 2021” and was named the book of the year.
To the four representatives of Russia, Turkey, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Chairman of the Central Asian Writers and Historians Union “Yangi Ovoz” Zh.A. “Turan Birimdigi” medals were given by him personally. Monoldorov (Kyrgyzstan).
Poet Yusuf Aslan translated into Russian for the victory in the competition in 2021, in honor of the 580th anniversary of the Turkish-speaking sage Alisher Navoi.
His magnificent poems and translations were included in the “Golden Book of Central Asia” with the Order awarded to them, along with 30 other awardees from 30 different countries of the world.
A book by A. Navoi.
Awarded the Diploma “Beauty of Russian Literature”.
Famous Russian writer and Star – Svetlana Savitskaya and with the participation of the President of Russia, Members of the Russian Government, Deputies of the State Duma and the Council of the Russian Federation, Members of the People’s Chamber, Public Organizations and other officials (“YUSUF LION. Author of many books. SP and I Yangi Ovoz The well-deserved translator of Turkey. G. Adana). He was deemed worthy of the grand prize by the Jury, which is a very prestigious mark of Russia and “Russia’s Bravery”.

2022. Awarded the Alexander Nevsky award for the spread of the Russian language on the planet

Translated books!
Russia, Svetlana Savitskaya 1. The Balkans. 2. Say the name of God!
Azerbaijan Foundation Aslan 1. Conversation with Spirits.
2. Emotions in Shusha. 3. Godly.
Tahir Amirarslanov 1. ( Stuffed Meal)
Nigar Hasanzadeh 1. Poetry book
Halide Nuray. 1. Poetry book
Abbasgulu Necefzade – Azerbaijan.1. Music history.
Chingiz Aymatov – Kyrgyzstan. 1. The Epic of Manas.
Heinrich Dick 1. Fairy Tale book
The book of Alimuhtar Mukhtarov 1 Karabakh Azerbaijan
Due to his services to Culture and Art, he was accepted to be among the world’s (universal) poets and writers upon recommendation in 2021.
Yusuf Aslan, the translator of this book of parables, has a daughter, two sons, a daughter and two grandchildren! continues his studies and lives in Adana, Turkey,

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