E-literature magazine Kavya Kishor has crossed two years of regular publication with glory and success. The publishing program of the monthly literary magazine began with its first publication online in August 2020. Kavya refers to verse literature, humorous sweet sentences, poems or rhyming expressions, although Kavya Kishor is primarily a rhyme-poetry periodical, its glossy pages also publish children’s stories and other writings. In the beginning, the name of the magazine was Monthly Kavi and Kavita Desh, but in 2021 the name was changed to Kavya Kishor due to special reasons. Kavya Kishor was established by the editor of the magazine, teenager poet and children’s writer Parvej Huse Talukder, co-founder was his younger brother Sabbir Hosen Talukder. Later, a six-member steering committee was formed with film actor and writer ABM Sohal Rashid as the chief advisor to start the online publication program on a large scale. Kavya Kishor mingles in the heart of the writer-reader. At present, Kavya Kishor publishes the monthly issue and special issues of Kabya Kishore on special occasions including various days every month from Jatichar village of Derai Upazila of Sunamganj district.

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