Rezauddin Stalin is a prominent poet of the eighties. His poetic language is powerful. He added mythology, theology, hallucinations and magical realism to various subjects. I have noticed that his poems are being loved and translated at home and abroad. Amazon has released its English translation. It is a real pleasure that our readers, foreign readers are getting to know Bengali poetry.

We are unfortunate despite the strength of our language and we are not able to present our poetry in the international arena. Kudos to Razuddin Stalin for doing that. This essay is not literary criticism for Razuddin Stalin. When we say wow, beautiful, very beautiful in the discussion, it also becomes a part of literature. In other words, love is also a form of criticism. I say with confidence that Razuddin Stalin is one of the very few strongmen in our poetry world. It is good to see that Stalin has managed to decorate the poem with the spirituality of love betrayal as well as the formality of provincialism.

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