Nikollë Loka‘s poetry Spring in the avenue  It is spring in the avenue,  let there be no sun!  Let it freeze,  let a wind blow,  let the snowflakes fall upon us, in a shelter of mimosas let the cold find us,  under the spell of flowers,  let them sleep sound. Continue Reading

Gale Acuff : Selected Poems Sometimes when you die you’re only dead I say to my Sunday School teacher after class this morning, the Resurrection’s what it was all about and I get to do what Jesus did, rise from the dead, but in Heaven, not here on Earth, andContinue Reading

Poems By Shirani Rajapakse Prophesy Many years later when the sun rose and set in the sky over and over so many times that you forgot to count, painting it a myriad shades of orange, red and gold, he told you it was doomed to fail. The signs were thereContinue Reading

ZAKHRO SHAMSIYYA POEMS Oh, my friend To be honest, I cannot understand you. We talk to each other in different languages. You are always saying something I don’t know And I always answer: “We are colleagues!” Oh, my friend, Race and language do not matter for us Even social statusContinue Reading