Nikollë Loka‘s poetry

Nikollë Loka

Spring in the avenue 

It is spring in the avenue, 

let there be no sun! 

Let it freeze, 

let a wind blow, 

let the snowflakes fall upon us,

in a shelter of mimosas let the cold find us, 

under the spell of flowers, 

let them sleep sound. 

Let the waves that recognize us burst 

and let the lightning strike! 

Let our memories search for us 

far late at night, 

even if they may not find us.

 Even if a drunkman plants thorns, 

there will still be flowers left! 

Time does not stop, 

when the weather fights even, 

if the steps are stopping 

in front of a world, 

in front of a door.


Nikollë Loka was born in Mirdita on March 25, 1960; graduated as a teacher; master’s degree in pedagogy; doctorate in history of education. He worked as a teacher, principal in a high school and education inspector and a lecturer at University. Lives in Tirana. Author of ten poetic volumes in Albanian and three poetic volumes in Italian (two of which with co-authors); included in the anthology “La Poesie contemporaine albanaise”, “L’Hartmattan” publications, Paris 2024. In addition to Albanian, his poems have been published in Italian, English, French, German, Arabic, Romanian, Swedish and Mecedonian.  Winner of several literary awards in the country and abroad. Member of several national and international literary associations. Included in the Lexicon of Albanian writers 1501-2001, editions “Faik Konica”, Pristina 2003 and in the Encyclopedia of Italian language poets, “Aletti Editore” Rome 2021. 

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