Sokol Demaku is poet, prose writer, pedagogue, publicist, redactor. Was born on 1954, in Arbri of Drenica, where finished the primary school. In Prishtina finished the high school (Normale) and studied Literature and Albanian language. Is graduated in the University of Göteborg, Sweden for mathematics, and in High School ofContinue Reading

I live without sorrows Intizor Samandarova I am happy, I am walking happily My joy is endless, I say laughing Because I have my father, my mountain to lean on Because I have my mother, my crown on my head I have no problem as I have my parents IContinue Reading

Despot Germain Droogenbroodt He fired a flare above his palace and claimed that by his victims he had been attacked. The flare illuminated neither the eyes nor the brains of his people But who looked up was even more blinded than before. Germain DroogenbroodtContinue Reading

ON A JANUARY NIGHT candles drip slow as how we’d love to time to go while fledglings in the stereo’s nest continue to chirp over snowfall’s precious window flakes and wine nurses a ten-year-old crop through our lips and the moon dallies behind clouds sketchbook in hand awaiting. WELCOME TOContinue Reading

The Storm is Here This storm here In its thunder I hear it calling Rumbling my name Whispering winds Breezes with words Drawing ever nearer Speaking icy chills Storming rains Sounds a beat Pounding a parade Carrying me sensually Up and down the scale Violently Releasing in me Something primalContinue Reading