I live without sorrows

Intizor Samandarova

I am happy, I am walking happily
My joy is endless, I say laughing
Because I have my father, my mountain to lean on
Because I have my mother, my crown on my head

I have no problem as I have my parents
I don’t need a best friend because of them
I will not even be despised by enemies
Because I have a protector, my shield, my father
Because I have a kind mother

My support, my support is my pride
They gave me life, happiness, peace
Everywhere I walk, I am always upright, proud
Because I have my father, my country
Because I have an angel and my heavenly mother

I hope they are always healthy
I have no sorrow because of them
Those who see me admire me a lot
Because I have a precious single father
Because I have only one unique mother

Their heart is wider than the world
No one in the world is happier than me
I am proud to say it again and again
Because I have the best father of all
Because my mother is the essence of my life

Intizor Samandarova
From Uzbekistan

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