An Embrace Alike

By Michael Hislop

I call out
Silently in my heart
Into endless night
Are You there
Do You know Me
No thunderous booms
Nor lightning cracks
Not a single sound
Yet All around
Reaches to Me
Touching Me
Pinpricks arise
In sheer Delight
I Awakening
Within and Without
Some say Love visited
But that is only a word
Trying to describe
An embrace alike
All the hugs ever given

God oh God
Another human word
So tainted
God starts wars
So forgotten
God an entry
In the dictionary book


God Is
God Is THE
In all of Life

The movement in moving
The air of breath
The love in mourning
The secret whisper
Always besides

I have Faith
As I Know
A Gift
Arriving as a giant hug


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