Mapping Your Love 
Fadi Yousef

I draw an X on the map

And go in search of your heart

Cross rivers of tears

And woods of dreams

Listen for your name

Echoing in the meadow

As I stop to pray at the temple

Which houses your soul

A mountain I must scale

With each step weighing

My hopes of finding you

As I climb my rocky memories of you

Finally reaching the peak

Of your blue eyes

As I stare deep into their waters

And caress your shores

With waves of my hands

That set sail

Toward the high tide of passion

Your screams getting lost at sea

Your breath shipwrecked

Between our lips

Until our ecstasy is beached

And we climb down together

From the summit of temptation

Towards the base of ecstasy

Where tenderness flowers

And our hands take root together

As we walk and disappear

To plant our seeds in embracing soil

To bloom under a sun

In the map of the sky.

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