Literary work By Christina Stewart

Shadows of the mind In the depths where shadows dwell, Beyond the reach of time’s sweet spell, Depression hides its face, unseen, A darkened place where light’s demeaned. Not just tears, nor silent bed, It’s a storm within, a tempest fed. Mean words, a sword, to loved ones cast, A bitter echo of a tortured past. Invisible chains, a hollow heart, Where feelings fade and depart. Intrusive thoughts, a relentless tide, Anxiety’s grip, no place to hide. Energy fades, a flickering flame, To reach out, to speak, seems a game. Anger flares at the merest slight, Tears flow freely in the dead of night. Keeping loved ones, a daunting task, Through the maze, an impossible ask. Yet through it all, a glimmer of hope, That one day, with strength, we’ll cope. In the labyrinth of the mind, we roam, Seeking solace, seeking home. Though the journey may be fraught, With love and support, we’ll find our way, Our strength, our guide, day by day.

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