Only Peace in The World

Poem by Danijela Ćuk
 Dear people, share peace in the world,
 let the song of war stop playing anymore,
 life exists to be loved and embraced,
 that everyone’s heart breathes freely.
 To whom wars still brought good,
 more and more innocent victims every day,
 and how many children no longer have childhood,
 life nor peaceful sleep.
 Stop while there’s time,
 show that you care about peace,
 so isn’t the man worth it,
 Is his life worth so little?
 So many dreams destroyed,
 so many tears and pain,
 this world is not a place for wars,
 but for peace, happiness and to be loved.
 Don’t let anyone get hurt anymore,
 that a tear falls hard from one’s eye,
 let peace reign in the world,
 may wars never return.
 Only peace in the world, we all need that,
 let’s extend the hand of love and show that there is love,
 enough suffering and severe wounds,
 why fears more every day?

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