By Danijela Ćuk
 Today we are here
 tomorrow we may not be there,
 so let’s catch our little moment of happiness,
 and let’s keep it because it is worth its weight in gold,
 let’s not let its shine fade.
 We humans do not understand that life is fleeting,
 and to bother our thoughts with unimportant things,
 instead of enjoying each day
 and his wonderful charms.
 Not every day is full of smiles and peace,
 but each of us chooses our life path,
 each of us should actually be grateful,
 on the little things that cut special threads in our heart.
 And let’s hug each other,
 that this world ceases to be a tunnel of sadness,
 which our hearts go through constantly,
 let’s give our maximum love.
 Should we really allow that?
 to fall to the very bottom,
 so that only then will we all understand,
 how valuable it is to live in peace and love.
 Danijela Ćuk

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