Sir Hillol Ray

Hillol Ray, D.Litt., Ph.D. (Doctor of Humanity), D.Phil. (Theology), Ph.D. (Honoris Causa), D.Phil. (Nigeria), Poet Laureate, Author, Translator, is an Environmental Engineer with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Dallas, Texas. He is listed in Who’s Who in Asian-Americans, Marquis Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, and Who’s Who in the World.    His books “Wings of Time”, “Metamorphic Portrait” (Amazon. Com) -recently released.


Pallid Earth Sprayed with Rhyme

By Hillol Ray


How many Autumns have I spent to find your love,

Before the start of your love like a human?

I recall your 8”-smile for a little bitty while,

And it shook my heart fast as far as it can!

Lying awake with your wide blue eyes,

Up-across the flight of a falcon at noon-

Made me curious, at times furious,

Before the church bell rang to come home soon!


You were happy enough to chat and play, 

But I rarely heard you speak at all,

So I, shy as sky, straight and slick, may be a click,

Served my time to listen to a finches call!

Now remaining years of my life seem to be shortening,

As I watch alone the plumes of blue smoke in the sky-

And the rustling leaves of crape myrtle swirl and fall,

To dive on sodded grass panting in summer’s sigh!


On this pallid Earth, sprayed with rhyme and virtue’s time,

Vice can be quickly spotted as a fearless notorious lie-

But you with your ageless beauty and natural hue

Will be glowing in Christmas lights to swing by!

Fears, hesitations, doubts, and regrets between us

Will be cocooned in our hearts to lift-up to praise-

And set on a fresh voyage of our eternal life,

As far as we can happily linger or graze!!


A Sculptor’s Cleverness

By Hillol Ray


My heart churns, as the wheel of longevity turns,

Along the lunar and solar eclipses for sure-

And my hopes and dreams earn trifling dividend,

To thrive on this pallid Earth just to endure!

Compound interests on your subtle beauty

Is coming to an end as I stretch or yawn-

And wonder:  would I be remembered at all,

For my wit or meditation from dusk until dawn!


My rhymes and laughter, minted before and after,

Will lose their glittering all the way in the end-

But my grace in trace, vested in hymn and verse,

Will rehearse to recoup the love you send!

Tears on tears will float with joy and sorrow,

To shine through the bright rays of copper sun-

And my absence from symphony to cacophony

Will make flags flown half-mast on the run!


To douse my flaming questions of today,

In a world uncharted under questioning eye-

I wait for authentic answers, on my elephant ears,

To be heard or unheard under the open sky!

A sculptor’s cleverness may sway the decisions,

And create a heart wrenching sob-quivering pain-

Likewise, the morrow’s light, may offer me a new sight,

And the momentum on my longevity will not be in vain!!

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