Believe In Yourself 
By Dr.Ogomegbunam Success Nwoye
Believing is a healing
It saturates your memory,
And positions you,in power of thoughtfulness,
Nothing strengthens one,
Like believe,
Be strong,and reliable.
Believe in yourself.
To arrive at result,
There must be trust,
and palpable self-love,
You are your trust,your reality,as well,your proofs,
Believe in yourself,
Believing in yourself,
Is self motivation,
It is medicinal,
It lubricates,the body,
Into freshness
It is the brain glucose,
And mouth mentol,
Believe in yourself.
The Road,to Success,
Is closed against those,
Who don’t believe in themselves,
Nothing is possible for doubters,
Everything is possible,if you believe,
Believe in yourself.
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