Endri Beqo was born on 08 January 1988 in Tirana. In 2010 – 2015 Endri graduated from the University of Arts of Tirana in the field of sculpture and graphics.
He has participated in many different activities in the category of cartoon art in portraits and illustrations, published books, articles and newspapers. Also, Endri has participated in numerous events including those from the Municipality of the capital.
Endri participated in the competition “Info Network” in which he won the second prize with the theme: “Europa”.
He has also won international awards at various festivals.
In August 2015 – 2016 -2017, Endri received international awards at the Kosovo Festival of Comics and Cartoons at the Gallery “HAMAM” in Prizren as well as other awards in: Macedonia; In September 2023, he was awarded in Prishtina with the Special Award of the Association of Cartoonists “Kragi” with the theme for “Mother Teresa” and in the city of Ferizaj at the hithi cartoon association festival when he received the award “For High Artistic Values”.
From 2017 to 2022 he has participated in two festival exhibitions in Turkey.
His career began in January 2016 when he opened the first personal exhibition on the topic “Social Cartoons” at the Youth Center Gallery, and then in December 2019 he followed up with the opening of the Personal Exhibition on the topic of “Earthquake Tragedy in the City of Durres” which was organized at the Gallery of Destil Hub.
In 2022, Endri presented to the art lovers with two other personal exhibitions, with the themes for Covid-19 at the “GAT Gallery”. Endri Beqo has also published his book, a catalogue of his work over 10 years of cartoons in the “Gallery Expres” and “Gallery Bunkeri.”
Endri has also participated in graphic novels organized by the Ministry of Culture in their 6th editions (2015 – 2021), and also by the Ministry of Culture. In March 2017, he organized the exhibition “Strip Art Al” featuring 12 works of graphic novels among 14 artists more thematic and stories of today.
Endri has also participated in 13 other collective galleries in the group in five countries of Albania.
In October 2017 he was part of the festival of “Comics Showroom Macedonia Veles” where he produced the graphic novel.
He has also worked on story boards of stories as television sponsor advertisements and media, as well as competitor on the show “TU SI QUE VALES”.
In 2013-2014 he worked with several parts on the show “Fiksed Fare” on Top Channel with some animations.
In 2016 he participated in two animations at the National Center of Cinematography with cartoon (QKK) as well as in 2023.
In September 2016 he participated in the festival “Pegasi” in the city of Saranda with two short political cartoons, in which he won the “Pegasi” prize.
In 2019 – 2022 he participated in “Street Artists” from the Municipality of Tirana.
In October 2019 it was part of the Biennale International Exhibition in Gjilan.
In 2020 – 2022 were organized two editions “Competition of the International Cartoon Biennale” by Niko Nikola in the city of Pogradec and Tirana, attended by 70 countries of the world with the theme: “Where the world is going”, there Endri received the Special Prize where he presented and reflected the portrait of artist Agim Sulaj.
In 2023, he was included in the exhibition entitled “Framed” Graphic Novel at the Agimi Art Center.
Endri Beqo has also collaborated with the well-known director and actor Bujar Kapexhiu.
In 2013, Endri participated in collaboration with his stylist brother in Florence – Italy in a clothing theatre and cartoons.
Besides all these mentioned above, for 7 months Endri reflects his art as a professor in the course for young children in the painting branch at the Center “ZojArt” Academy”.
Here’s what he tells us about it:
This is the third exhibition organized by “ZojArt” Akademy in which there are many talents with golden hands and minds with varied colors in the realization of their works that I mention below: Mei, Chloe, Jera, Alsea, Lura, Una, Liel, Noelia, Mabel, Kristel, Iris, Arvid,
Arjeli, Arla, Hera, Vesa, Sia, Altrea, Henry and Tiara. We greet them with goodness as they bring 43 works in the art of painting in the “Kalo Gallery” realized in composition with figures, landscapes with technical colors and pencil. We dedicate this exhibition to “People with Different Abilities”. I especially congratulate Arisel Cenaj for his art with sculptures that brought beauty to the Kalo Gallery. All this personally makes me as a professor have a lot of energy with them and their positivity that fulfill the activity of art just when everything good works very well especially when it is worked with heart and love. That’s why I want to i thank the Director “ZojArt” Akademy” Xhoj Jakaj not only as a leader but also for supporting everything she has done over the years with her heart and great love. This is also the pleasure of parents when they see the results and the positive atmosphere of the exhibition. I am also happy to have worked with them trying to do my best. We feel really pleased that we got this far. I can’t even thank the Gallery Kalo for the invitation made by Ardiana Shehi.
Thank you all hoping and wishing we have such exhibitions again with other and new works and emotions.
Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator

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