Dardan Berisha
Dardan Berisha was born on August 4, 1963 in the village of Kromnik (Kosovo). He began writing in the sixth grade. Berisha has published children’s poems in the magazines: Pioneers, Morning Bird and other magazines for children. In addition, Berisha has also published in some magazines and newspapers.
The first works he published are:
– “The Blind Seal” – children’s stories, 2007 Gutenberg, (Pristina)
– “The Petrified Flight”, adult drama, 2010, Drenusha, (Pristina)
Dardan Berisha is co-author of the monograph
– “Mustafë Ibishi”, with Mag. Jetish Kadishani, 2009, Drenusha, (Pristina)
– “The Mother, The Stone Where I Pray”, poems for adults, 2022, (Pristina) of which it is the third work.
I think more than me
No one loves you.
But if an arrow comes towards you
Open your chest!
Let it into your heart
Even if that arrow wasn’t me…
A whole ballad melts on your face
And in the depths of your eyes it drowns
And I…
I lie down on the cobblestones
Where I take the steps
An umbrella I become to shade you
So that the August sun wouldn’t burn you
And the autumn rain wouldn’t wet you.
Hero Me
To your beauty I bow!
I drank grappa
My soul drank love
We didn’t know who was the drunkest?
Dreams sitting on spectators’ chairs
Dead tired they were
They clapped and cheered
We didn’t know who was drunker.

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