Dr. Ratan

Dr RATAN BHATTACHARJEE Affiliate Faculty of Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond & Founder President Kaleidoscopic Indian American Studies was formerly Head Post Graduate Dept of English has a vast teaching experience and as an Awardee author of nearly 25 books on British American (F Scott Fitzgerald Patridge & Theodore Dreiser INSC) and Indian English literature besides his poetry books (Oleander Blooms) and recently published fiction books (Six Feet Distance Bloomington ) published from USA . He is also Visiting Professor of many American Universities and associated with International Advisory Board of Theodore Dreiser Society Philadelphia besides being mulitilingual Columnist (The Sentinel Aajkal Puber Kalam Daink Statesman Assam Tribune Shillong Times), ecc.

Associate Professor and Chair Post Graduate Dept of English and Columnist cum Poet
Editor in Chief Literary Confluence : A Global Journal of English and Culture Studies
If life is a forest
The two souls are two trees of coruscating leaves
If life is a novel
It is in-one-breath-non-stop-read tale from the ribs.
If life a river
Their faith is like the sportive play between
the stone and watery ripples
 If life is a struggle
Their strength manifest in a lively fun
 like shadow playing against the sun
 If life is rest
Their ideas are the prowess of mind
If life is colourful
Their peace of mind ever easy to find.
 If friendship ever goes vocal
Time becomes spacious and huge
If their oneness can be measured
Their mind can be filled with green hues
 If life is a whirlwind of laughter
The two souls are the inborn icon of smile
If life is a quicksand of tears
They beckons us to the enchanted isle.
If any day you come back as the Shraban cloud
Shall I come as stormy wind
to carry you along with me
Does the cloud know
how to love the wind when it is stormy
Or all illusions and delusions just end
before all begins in the memory trove
One woman can be a piece of cloud
with the promise of love
If you come back as a river I may wait for you
 as the sea with heartful of waves
Time passes on fast
 like a glass of wine and raves
Reality is fragile while limitless is
the horizon of dream
I wait for your arrival as a dark-eyed Apsara
 to the river’s brim
If you ever come back as a hilly fountain
I will be soaked in your water
beneath as small pebbles
I dream of being warm in your wave water
like a sparkling bubbles
If you come back at the end of Winter with the vernal song
Life will be all so beautiful and nothing will remain wrong.

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