My Life: An American Cherry Under Leaf

By Hillol Ray

Bound in a nightmare mood, my life easily understood,

The ramifications and stratifications of generous time-

And bathed in love, like a carefree dove,

Floating in nature along the winds’ chime!

With tears rolling for sun to blaze,

In densely murk with half lit haze-

My Bedouin life, filled with strife,

Landed in America and began to daze!


Dew-sagged leafy cherry vines smothered my spirit,

In the wee hours of darkness on this alien land-

But promised and greeted me warmly to end my grief,

And clouded vision disappeared with shake of hand!

Undoubtedly cold at first, but warm in the end, 

A notion and motion of joy in steadfastness came-

And I watched the cobwebs-cherry, not so hairy,

To shake off the piles of my platonic shame!


Christmas lights make the children halfway fright,

And tinsel stars proudly show their evening glory-

But my life in bloom in America from emptiness 

Depicts well the sheen of a mythical epic story!

Now on a dazzling sight, my life is drenched in delight,

So vibrant and secured well like a cherry under leaf-

And dwells happily in Zenith space, like an American,

With no worries on about what, when, why, where, or if!!



December 13, 2023

© Copyright December 13,2023 by Hillol Ray


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