Kim Nam-Kwon


Kim Nam-Kwon is a Korean author and poet. Born in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do of South Korea in 1961. He is President of The Korea poet literature Association and CEO of The Culture Arts Creative Academy. Presidential Library recommend his poetry book.
He published 14 books. 10 poetry books and 4 poetry books for children.


Far into the distant sea
Scattering a handful of light
This one called hope
Far away in the sea
Sprinkling a handful of light
The one called hope
In the place where the sun first touched the world
On a hill where the smell of an island wafts
He rekindles the embers every night
The shadow of the moon floating alone
In order to erase it, to a distant sea
He is the one who sings of the last hope
For one person
Even if wait, doesn’t come
Scattering cancer cells of love like flames
It became an island
I know that lonely person


Being alone means
Someone needs to come into my heart
Just being alone
Means I want to enter your heart
Still, being alone means
Waves of longing for you flow all night
Tears flow along with the waves
In tears, the shoulders of dusk get wet
So that the magnolia flowers bloom red just because I am alone.
Even if the branches sway
The flowers would have been trampled countless times by the footsteps of the wind
In countless spots stained with wounds, the flower buds would have awakened
The clusters of flowers covering the trees eventually mean being alone
Being alone means
Someone needs to come into my heart right now

Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator

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