I met a Child today

Michael Hislop

I met a Child today
A boy
On the train, he sat down
Right next to me
Hi, I am Jake

I met a Child today
Sitting next to me
Looking up at me
Old and wise eyes
That didn’t judge
Clear, wide, blue
Nor did they smile

I met a Child today
Looking up at me
I saw a little Human
Pockmarked with scars
A growing trauma
Look here… I saw…
Blister sore and crying
They put their cigs out here

I met a Child today
How old are you, Jake
He drew straighter proud
I’m 12
Already harder than grown men
Yet he sat respectfully
Talking to me, man-to-man

I met a Child today
Talking to me
And I could hear was his tummy rumble
Alongside his words
Sometimes I sleep here
Anywhere, Wherever
I wake up to them kicking me
He shrugged

I met a Child today
Tummy rumbling at me
Look what I can do
Face agleam
As flames danced in his eyes
I see his extinguishing Heart

I met a Child today
Holding a dying Heart
And My Soul wept
His precocity piercing me
Do you think anyone can help
Is there any Hope for me

I met a Child today
Demanding of me
Not with argument
But with his example
He a child
Showing me
This is our World
Him asking unashamed

I met a Child today
And all throughout today
Around every corner
And upon every square
I see Him
His eyes asking
Hi, I am Jake


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