(Charlemagne Grasp Form of Poetry)

Delighting a breeze night light
Liberating cool wind sonata
Amusing a luster bright,

Gratifying love express
Adoring God’s gift serenata
Charming creation caress,

Endearing felicity
Shining underneath within sancta
Leaning to avidity,

Consuming the tenderness
Shading by moon’s pleasure like feta
Satisfying the softness,
©Joel Aparecio Bernasor

The author is currently working as Executive Director/ Resource Speaker on feasibility study and bussiness planning of a Training NGO in Mindanao, Philippines while writing poems, essays and amateur photography.
Note; the charlemagne notes poetry form and the charlemagne grasp poetry form are two of the five invented poetry forms of the author, named after his only son.

(Charlemagne Notes Form of Poetry)

Beneath life that it was

Painful reality
Life in viscosity

Journey commenced in midst of life
Uncertainty, foggy and strife
Meet and overcome in midlife

Heartbreaking story passion and awful
Disquieting chaos mode rage bountiful
A means arise of scents excruciating
Sendup of animation painstaking
Life begins as it ends beyond the realms
Angst gone multitude remnants as becalm

Life as conjuring seems beyond
Sanity, imprints such a bond
Sequel of episode abscond

Refrain of tragedy
Moments as foolhardy

Struggle of life commence.
©Joel Aparecio Bernasor




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