A letter to my mother

Khojabekova Musharraf

If I miss someone, if I do something,
You will come to me, Mother!
Feeling your warm touch
I want to cry, my heart is burning.

I’m holding a knot in peace,
All my dreams are gone.
Your heart vibrates like a swing,
I will turn around like a baby.

Always with your smiling face,
I will have sweet-sweet conversations, Mother!
From the soft words you always said,
I’m picking up meanings, Mother!

May I have as many people as I can lean on
Can’t replace you.
Though worlds pour at my feet,
You can’t reach the treasury.

Without my wealth, without my heart,
My boiling treasure is without ore, Mother!
Your child’s garden will bloom,
Unparalleled Homeland, Mother!


Khojabekova Musharraf
In 1954, she was born in the family of a teacher in the village of Karakissa, Koshrabot district, Samarkand region.
After graduating from the “Native language and literature” faculty of the Samarkand State Pedagogical Institute, she taught native language and literature for many years at the 31st secondary school in the Koshrabot district of Samarkand region. She is now retired.
The first poetry collection was published in 2009 Poems of the talented poet are regularly published in republican, regional and district newspapers and magazines. Winner of many contests.

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