Infinite Sighs

Michael Hislop

In the Light
I am dark
I englow
In the Dark
I am Light
I am flow

Climates, Seasons
Rhythm of the days

Yes, it is dark
And look it is light
Funny beautiful
Kaleidoscope intermingle
All together
One and Same
Life’s Game

Pundits claim
Preachers talk
Logical principles
Books of Rules
Lawyers and Laws
Debate and drivel

For all boils down
To One, Universal Axiom
Known as Love to many
But really simply
As a Gift given
To Understand enough
For enough
To Be Enough

So in surmise
Not really Me
Not really You
Yet in the clash together
In the Compromise
We Become

Blinking Alive
Mad torn
Railing against
The teeming Mix
On the right, Father Light
On the wrong, Mother Moon

There is no Space
Between Us
But between Us
Is Your Space
Come delight
In these Gardens
Of Our Play

Moonlit beaches
Sunstreaming alleys
Topsy Turvy
Dark streetlights
Bright wounds

Laugh, cry
Glee, care
Weep, Pray
Eternal sorrow
Kisses and Cuddles
Infinite Sighs


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