Poems from Daughter of God by: Iris Calif

The interpreting name
King of the Angels of the World
Our Father in Heaven
brave Yaako
Lord of all deeds

In the light of the Nile Angels
The night is before his eyes
God’s bearing my body in front of the senior of the moon
And in the creation of my heart a spirit of love is written
Blessings of the daughter of God
nude writing lyrical holy poets
touching A vertical stack of sacred hymns
Kissing in front of heavenly things in paradise
And in the “Bible” that speaks of the honegcomb offering
The sun pours out lovers
A living soul grows
holy Silence kneels
An incarnation of an essential melody
The voice of my soul is buried in the dripstone of God
And it shall be called The splendid rain of the heavens
Of my poem And the Allowed in land
And in the fields of everlasting blossom

I’m the iris
Daughter of love
Human of daughter
Daughter of life
Daughter of God

The daughter of the living

God creates the heavens
of the spirit in the light of the world
Springs with the authentic names of life
You are my strength
In my image the moon;
Man’s salvation.
Behold, I am the Iris; the daughter of the living
naked in sight of the sick of the kingdom of above
Adorned with gold and drops of moon light.
The sun in the clouds, and the rays wanders
My body like the burning of the darkness
Of Arch,
The night is heart breaking from time to time,
Embroiders in the mountains to the Iris grace,
And at the gate of the earth, Gabriel.
The temple house of the dead,
was founded in me
and the snowy days of the blood
of my soul.
Kneels in the light of the prophets
Down touches a human-
Blooded kiss,
And in the image of the soul of God,
Our father in heaven,
In the beginning of the wilderness.
Temple of the scriptures of the world
In the voice of psalms, creator of the human
Daughter of love, daughter of God
A girl of life.

The candles of the soul

In the silence of the moon the emerald kingdom is tied in my kingdom
And my childhood’s stone with a veil on my body, is carried to the wings of the wind
Between the ends of your eyes my tears are shedding
To the quiet of my rocky dreamy

In the candles of the soul

My body; mankind in front of universe gate

The rivers of sunshine, the beat of the night
But I am a nude petty grain
A purple moon breathes his gage
And in the sounds of rain, gathering my youth,
naked in the silent violet
wrapping my chaste virgin memory
my spirit created
Bathing love in heaven, paradise
Fields of confident shelter,
and I am a gold grain crown
with my nude body
in front of universe gate.

A woman in brook of desert

With in the letter love, biding the violin of eternity
Embroidering melodies to my nude body;
The words of heaven
Miracles occurs;
Sun sets the world apart
I roar silently, naked,
Carving souls of existence,
Saints hover cratt in rain gloves
Reviving the cradle of waters
crossing my dress,
my heart, in the warmed up sand,
the night enchants consolation,
silence of human delusions
The creation wind is racing in her bound beauty,
To the mountain coast
I am breached now, a woman,
Brook of desert.


The Desert Bride

In the calm prayer of your rains, simulates virtue of love
Observe In God’s garment to my body
I Clear silence The wind,
The darkness carrying love
Desire raising my dream

And the summer candle is lit by a holy life
Reigns in the crown of winter Writings of my soul
The evening creates my passion that gives birth to existence
The night is heavily breathing of the sand in the pasture of the world
And in the knowledge of heaven I am the bride of the desert

Poems From the book “Daughter of God”



Iris calif, resident of the State of Israel, poet, writer, translator of poetry (to Hebrew), and dancer. Iris is also In charge of all foreign connection for the cultural and literature internet magazine “in direction of the wind”,Writer in “Mokasini” Magazine Culture & Lifestyle Magazine
member of the Composers’ Association of Hebrew authors and publishers in Israel named “ ACUM
iris was awarded a diploma from “The Russian Professional Writers Union” and the international magazine “Arina NN”, registered in the Ministry of Culture of Russia for her contribution to world culture “International Poetic Community” 2022
Iris is 49 years old: married and mother of three daughters
Her three books were publisher:
In a fascinating (or magic) lane breathes (or blows) Lolita on On 2001
Wild moon on 2017
And The daughter of GOD on 2020.
She is currently working on her fourth book of scripture.
Her poems have been published on radio, television, magazines in Israel and abroad, literary websites, the Internet and newspapers, and have been translated into Spanish, Bengali, Nepali, Italian and English.
Her poetry reflects the inner journey of her soul, which looks through love, dreams life, and breathes holy worlds, in the hidden spirit, and is a symbol and expression of her victory over Anorexia, and her choice of choosing life and love with courage.


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