Thank you teacher

Meylieva Zebiniso Mirkomilovna

My dear person
My dear teacher
Like a white bird
You gave a big life
We fly to the each side
Pray For us my teacher.
You can trust me
I’m getting your student girl.

My kind teacher
My scholar-intellectual,
My Dear teacher
Be happy and stay safe

I thank you, teacher
You gave me education
Your work is inspiration
I will be a scientist , a doctor.

As soon as possible
You can trust me,
I will be a good student
You are proud of me.

Meylieva Zebiniso Mirkomilovna was born on June 4, 2003. She is a second-year student of the National University of Uzbekistan. Future Practical Psychologist. Her creative works have been distributed in numerous nations around the world. Envoy on sake of Uzbekistan to a few worldwide organizations. Specifically:”SPSC-(Sustainable Programmers and Sustainable Collaborators).
ambassador”, “GLOBAL GOODWILL AMBASSADOR 2023”. Member of the international organization “All India Council for Technical Skill Development” of India. IQRA FOUNDATION PEACE AMBASSADOR.¬†ACTIVE MEMBER of the Word Writers and Artists Working Group “JUNTOS POR LAS LETRAS”.

Uzbek Editor: Nilufar Ruxillayeva

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