Don’t let upset

Husan Hakimov Ghulom Ogli

When people deceive each other,
The envelope that surrounds the world of the soul,
Lust is the hook that hunts people.
Loyalty in the hearts of people, what to do?

A building made of sand, it is in the sky,
If you have money in your pocket, you have many friends everywhere.
There is loyalty, even in an animal like a dog,
What should people do with loyalty in their hearts?

He doesn’t know love, he says he loves,
He doesn’t appreciate those he really loves.
He even cheats on his wife with a laugh,
What should people do with loyalty in their hearts?

He filled his wallet with his father’s money,
He walks down the street,
Changed, leaving the devil behind
What should people do with honesty in their hearts?

I’m watching on the sidelines, I’m silent
Who am I to advise them?
I always wish people justice,
Useless, what should their conscience do?

Husan Hakimov Ghulom Ogli – a student of the 4th general secondary school of Kogon city, Bukhara region, was born in Kogon city
He is a member of the international organization All India Council for Technical Skill Development
The first collection of poems “I will tell you a word”
The winner of the Rainbow Stars children’s creative festival and also the winner of many competitions

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