Dreams do come true 

Asaloy Khudoyberdiyeva

Human beings are born with the ability to think and are different from other creatures. We sometimes fly in the sky of dreams, surrounded by various thoughts and dreams. Your dream, which you wish from your heart with a pure heart, will surely come true one day. There are many miracles in this life and you are one of them. It’s not just a lie, it’s the truth. Miracle Only people can create miracles. Dream and just be a dream. Although I am a leftist, I was able to control the pencil held in my right hand for the first time at school, and this was the first step for my future. In any situation, with confidence, attention and motivation, of course, I flew from the corner of my dreams to my goal. Learning, which is the meaning of my life, has always been in the first place for me. Despite criticism and threats from everyone, I chose to study, I set my sights on becoming a student and I succeeded. Those who say you can’t play are just applauding my achievements. Yes, they didn’t believe me. But I believed that my dreams could come true, and today I plan to do more “out of reach” things for others in my career. Dreams will come true, first of all, it depends on your faith, hard work and your opinion!

Asaloy Khudoyberdiyeva was born in 2004 in Uzbekistan in an intelligent family of Bukhara State. She has been fond of creativity since childhood. She can find a way to everyone’s heart with her stories and poems. In 2022, she graduated from the 5th School in Kagan district and in the same year she was admitted to the Faculty of Philology (Uzbek language) of Bukhara State University on the basis of a grant state. Author of several scientific articles and holder of international IELTS certificate. She is a valuable member of All India Council for Technical Skill Development. She is an author of several projects.

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