Human Value 

Munavvar Boltayeva Uzbekistan

Keep your head high, don’t bend at all!
Raise the banner of justice higher!
The father of us all is ADAM ATO,
The name of a person is dear in the world.

Who is black, who is yellow, who is red, it does not matter,
We all have that beating heart
Some have a clean heart, some have a dirty heart.
Hereby parting, for better or for worse,

When you’re crying, on the other side of the world,
I can’t get food down my throat
If you are a wanderer on the street, homeless,
How can I sleep in my warm house?

Justice, truth, where are you?  show yourself
Let’s see, feel your presence, and relax,
Let everyone know that the world is not black and white.
Show us all the colors of the world.

Today we joined our hearts, joined hands,
Run away, cruel enemies!
If someone does not know the value of a person,
For all evil, Answer before Allah!


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