Sherova Orzigul Alisher Qizi’s Poems

Sherova Orzigul Alisher Qizi

Thank you, Allah

Open your eyes, life is beautiful,

Enjoy your time, even you may dance or sing.


The life you have been given is blessful,

Thank you, Allah for everything.


Your imagination appears in my brain,

Like a new bride, nature is amazing.

There is no dust, world is clear due to rain,

Thank you, Allah for everything.


When I draw your picture as a designer,

The Moon is queen and the sun is king.


When the stars in the sky shine lighter,

Thank you, Allah for everything.


Mom and Dad

Your heart is wider for me tah the universe,

With you my forehead is bright.

The sun can’t match your warmth

My support like mountain my mom and dad.


I don’t need power, palace and money

For you to have the palace is even my hut

The moon is confused you are all beaty

My innocent happiness my mom and dad.


They are always propellers around me

They don’t infect dust at all at my head

Can’t stand a drop of my tears

My lovely support my mom and dad.

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