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One Thousand Frogs

Today I saw one thousand frogs
They came nearby me
I’m falling in my sorrow.

They were sure
that you would come.
Divine journey.

They are all sad.
Yes, all one thousand of them
dressed in mourning.

They were happy
to baptize you with love,
to give you the song.

No! I don’t cry
But if not, is it their croaking
that makes me blue?

My sweet frog,
my rose petal,
—am I already dead?


This is life.
But your charm reminds me
of my promise.

Fate sometimes
swallows darkness, too
and rejects it.

Japan is far away,
but your scent lives
even in my eyes.

It will be autumn
when we can meet together.
The thousand frogs are all calling to you, to you!

The Phantom’s Shadow

The day when shadows are born

I had the question,
“I wonder if that shadow affects people.”

Television, magazines, movies,
Also photographs, pictures, cartoons, even written characters—
Are they all shadows?

Shadows live in a two-dimensional plane

(For human beings in three dimensions,
It is funny to say that shadows are culture and civilization)
I will be surprised
Other people laughed and replied,
“Our development is the power of science”

To compensate for the shadow culture
We are made to live like robots
The reality of many people is controlled in the future as well
They will fall to the world of things

Civilization and culture are a mirage in history
Do not enter into the darkness of the shadow
Look at the shadow’s light

Go Forward

The book I got for the first time was the Bible
“In the beginning was the word…”
I was attracted to this word

Adam and Eve met in this world and the human world began
Even if the stories of those two people are over, our life will not end

From yesterday to today
Connected like a horizon
I will move from today to tomorrow

Upon this heaviness…
O wind, go forward!

In the heart,
Let’s change the darkness of the Bible
Into sparkling stars

Endlessly flowing, spreading
My words before it.


Let’s Go to the Almond Blossoming Hill

Let’s go to the almond blossoming hill
Taking a lunch box.
Climbing up the hill
Tell almond flowers,
“Today is my birthday.”
Let’s go to the almond blossoming hill
Let’s go to the almond blossoming hill

Full of almond flowers
Under the almond blossom trees with you
Let’s eat a homemade almond cake
Today is my birthday
Let’s go to the almond blossoming hill
Let’s go to the almond blossoming hill

Full of your hair
Full of spring scent

The smell of almond cake
I’m stained in my hand
In me

In life
And you smell a flower
You smell many things
You have a big wonder.

The almond blossom trees answered.
“You are my flower, and my lover.”

Me Five Years Later
|Dedicated to Rothko

Five years later, I sometimes think about something like this. Trying to paint a picture like Rothko.

I’m too busy with my daily life right now. I want to escape as soon as possible, color various human emotions like Rothko, and develop infinite time and space. How happy it would be to go on a journey to one’s own inner world, away from all social customs and ties!

No financial anxiety, becoming free from relationships with family and surroundings… Like Rothko, I want to paint with my room as a motif. Neither for myself, nor for someone else, but only for the love of God.

Will such a spiritual composure be born? Somehow, while predicting the future, maybe my life will be cornered by something.

I don’t really love Rothko’s paintings, but I’m attracted to Rothko’s soul, which can produce such colors.

Let the past, present, and future live together in one canvas and trip us away to a world of nothingness. You can experience the crazy and ecstatic feeling that comes from his paintings! Isn’t it happy to go from a mundane time to a completely different flow of time even for a moment?

Within Rothko’s and my shared subconscious, a common consciousness seems to coexist. This common consciousness is the vibration of cosmic consciousness.

If I had the same karma as Rothko, I might be able to paint like him. Without it, it would be difficult. However, because there is a connection between our souls my heart is attracted.

We live in material time. Behind the scenes, there is also the time of existence after death. I admire Rothko’s paintings, which bring the myriad visions that occur in this after-death time to this world.


Maki Starfield

Maki Starfield was born in Ehime, 1972. She earned her Master of Arts from Sophia University, and then got the diploma of International business management (post graduate)with Honors from Niagara College and the certificate of TESOL from St.George International College in Canada. She began to make haiku in 2008, where she became recipient of a prize at the 12th annual Mainichi Haiku Contest. On February of 2012, she published a new collection, Kiss the Dragon.
She has been performing as a painter since 2017 as well as a poet. She won a prize at the contemporary art (kindaibijutsu) association’s public recruitment exhibition in 2017, and was awarded twice (spring and autumn competition) in 2018, and she also got the honorable prize, Dojinsho at the 44th, 45th and 46th Taiyo Bijutsu Exhibition in 2018 and 2019, and got a prize at the Ueno Royal museum in 2019 and 2020, and has been awarded at the 2020 and 2021 Salon of Artistes Français and Exposition de l’Art Actuel France-Japon avec participation multinationale. She also joined the gallery exhibit in 2022. She is a member of Japan Universal Poets Association. She is also a regular member of Rakuen, Jiku and Modern Haiku Association in Japanese haiku associates.
Japanese-English Bilingual Books: Duet of Dots co-authored with Naran Matos in 2015, Duet of Lines with Luca Benassi, Trio of Crystals with Hélène Cardona and John FitzGerald in 2017. Trio of Gardens with Lidia Chiarelli and Huguette Bertrand. Duet of Fireflies with Bill Wolak, Duet of Doors with Yesim Agaoglu, Duet of Mists with Dileep Jhaveri, Trio of Jade with Xiao Xiao, Dumu Luofei, Duet of Wings with Willem M. Roggeman, Duet of Islands with Sarah Thilykou, Duet of Faces with Yiorgos Veis, Trio of Windows with Ikuyo Yoshimura, Adjei Agyei-Baah in 2018. Duet of Enlightenment with Konstantinos Bouras, Duet of Pleiades with Paddy Bushe, Quartet of Rose Madder with Yao Yuan, Yu Xiu, Chaung, Yu-Huiand, Duet of Circles with Statis Gourgouris, Duet of Butterflies with John W. Sexton, in 2019. Duet of Forms with K.Satchidanandan, Duet of Lakes with Eileen Sheehan in 2020.   Duet of Polygon with Jack Foley in 2021. Duet of Dawn with Amir Or in 2023.  Oneness (poetry collection) in 2019, Bouquet of Roses (Haiku Collection) in 2020 and In Love A Sound (poetry collection).

Moartea lui Don Quijote (Don Quixote’s death) –antologie/anthologyTranslated by Olympia Jacob & Jim Kacian (2018, Timpul) with Marius Chelaru, and Insuficiente Amor, Dueto de Nieblas and Unidad , Dueto de Luciérnagas are published in Spain in 2018, Pas assez d’amour , Duo de Lucioles are published in French in 2018, Non abbastanza amore, Duetto di Lucciole, Duetto di Nebbie, Duetto di Verde in Italian, and Dueto de Rostos, Unidade, Dueto daVagalumes, Amor insuficiente Dueto da Iluminaçãoin, Dueto da Ilhas in Portuguese in 2019, and Единство in Russian in 2019, Dueto de Iluminación, Dueto de Caras, Dueto de Islas, Dueto de Puertas, Unidad, Ramo de Rosas, Dueto de puntos, Trío de Ventanas in Spanish in 2020, Dueto da Iluminação, Trio de Jardins, Dueto de Névoas, Dueto de Pontos in Portuguese in 2020, Duetto di Visi , Duetto dell’Illuminazione, Duetto di Nebbie, Duetto di Porte in Italian, गुलाबों का गुलदस्ता in Hindi, Букет Роз in Russian in 2020, and Trio de Janelas, Formas em Duetos, Duetos de Esperança, Dueto de Circulos, Dueto das Pleiades, in Portuguese, Dueto de Lagos, Dueto de Formas, Trio de Jardines, Dueto de Lineas, Dueto de Pleyades, Cuarteto de Rosa Pigmento Rojo, Dueto de Esperanzas, Dueto de Poligono, Dueto de Circulos and Enamorado de Un Sonido in Spanish in 2021, Duo des Cercles in French in 2021, Duo D’llumination in French in 2022. Dueto das Borboletas, Um Som No Amor in 2023 in Portuguese , I quartetti di Rose Marie in 2023 in Italian.
Her poems have appeared in literary magazines in Italy (Immagine & poesia vol 5 anthology),Greek (poeticanet), China (Guandongluming-Voice Overseas, Monthly Poetry), Republic of Azerbaijan (, Romania (REVISTA), England (Ephemerae), India (Taj Mahal Review), and Korea (Expatriate Literature), Belgium (De Auteur) and been translated into more than 15 languages.
Award: Guido Gozzano Prize (Honorable Mention) 2018,2019
JUNPA Prize for a new poet 2020
Naji Naaman Literary Prize (Creativity) 2020
2020 The First World Daily Poetry Competition
The Outstanding Winners 2020 (第一届世界日报社诗词大赛)
PushCart prize nominatioin
Poetry Reading in Kyoto (2016, 2018,2019,2020)
JUNPA 5th Anniversary Commemorative International Poetry Festival (2017)
Poetry Festival in Hong Kong (2018)


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