Dr Sigma Satish


Conflicts among us
help to realize
the art of war
I hear a great deal of talks,
about peace.
I lock my mind.

Now whom should I listen,
I scribble verses of life
That may help you, to find
the lost you in the war field
I would still feel you
and I undress my pain, like whirlwind
and I wait for you
with infinite love
in this journey…

Tough times

Don’t disappear
from these complexities
There is
fear all around .
Take a glass of wine

My heart aches-

It is neither numbness
nor grief
I understand
It is a whisper from
the war ground

My heart aches

It says, I am yours
It is a prayer
But, now
I hear a bomb blast
I look up into startdust

Short Bio
Dr Sigma, a widely published Indian poet, is currently the HoD of English at VTMNSS College inTrivandrum. She worked for Oman Ministry of Manpower as a Faculty of English. Sigma’s poems appeared in many anthologies and received Mirabhai Literary Award from the Organization of United Working Journalist Forum, supported by Public Relations Department, Puri, Govt of Odisha in 2016. Sigma is a recipient of Cochin Literary Fest Prize-2019. She published many poetry books and is often
invited as a poet delegate to various prestigious national and international poetry festivals.

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