or to the “Dutch MONA LISA”…

What does your innocent look narrate about,
Tell me what your red and rosy lips say.
Your pearl earring like a loop for the crowd,
When the world is kneeling at your feet, obey.

On your head is a heavenly whirlwind carpet,
You wear the whole world’s silks and enter.
Is this a magic of Vermeer’s brush that –
You are a divine art of master painter!

Peaceful rebellious colors on your face,
In your eyes there are too sad and green seas –
As they are lying in quiet eternal peace,
The world is kneeling in your eyes as it seems.

I’m afraid in this upside down world,
Your virgin feelings may be disparaged.
Always take care of her, oh, My Lord,
Rescue her from the others’ greedy.

Being amazed by the silence of your heart,
Lovers of the world are passing one by one…
Everything is void, only God, in fact,
Love, and again Love exist, true one!

Jan Vermeer is a Dutch artist who created the painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.


After reading Chingiz Aymatov’s short story “Jamila”.

Not knowing the limit in middle of winter,
Suddenly a snow-drop came out of my heart.
Shall I cut the snow, or roll it back with honor,
Oychecha, who embraced ice with all part.

Is it really so hard being just woman…
The world hurts as I suffer from love.
The gardens unpleasant when they are so sad,
Snow-drop is denying winter, after all.

Ruthless frozen water not so merciful,
The sky is also jealous of the shines of sun.
Snow-covered branches full of peace, silence,
I have no idea what they do, have done.

It’s too cold, and is blowing its anger,
The snow will not seem to leave these hills alone.
Bunch of souls are sleeping in these hills’ chest,
If I cover it, my robe will not be enough.
When the freeze will get stronger at time,
Winter also breed day by day and freeze.
Doesn’t care who is struggling, or scream,
Freezing cold will take all, not letting breeze.

Oychecha has blossomed not knowing the time,
Should I bury flowers in the snow then?
Tell me if the world’s heart will get soft,
If I put my boiling soul in ice and end….

Member of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan.
International poet, journalist.



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