The white clouds By

Emina Đelilović-Kevrić

I wake up with the scent of the women
Who abandoned their homes
On the thresholds they left the traces of their blood
All clothes from their children, memories on their first cry
While the sounds of the Muslim’s call to prayer and church bells echoed in the background
My body is filled with memories
While the children’s heads are being lost in the high grass
Of the uncut graves
This is the place where my brother fell for the first time
This is the place where my father’s soul moved to the better place
At one time this was her house, says my husband while staring
At the debris I am drawing on a sheet of paper in the refugee camp
Draw the white clouds where your memories live
Says the life teacher


Emina Đelilović-Kevrić ( born December 12, 1989 in Travnik) is currently living in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After studying the b/h/s (bosnian/croatian/serbian) language and literature at the Philoshopical Faculty in Zenica she got her master’s degree on the subject „Memory construction in the South Slavic interlinear community: typical models of the war camp experience in literature“. She has published her writings in the regional magazines and internet portals ( Strane, Afirmator, Život, Astronaut, Čovjek-Časopis, Vavilonska biblioteka). She is the author of the poetry collection „ This time without history“ ( Dobra knjiga,2016) and the short stories collection „ Erased lives“ ( Dobra knjiga,2021). Her collection of poems „ My son and I“ is awarded by the Publishing Foundation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2021.




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