Eva Petropoulou Lianoy
Author children literary

U are having 1 second to see your whole life before you die..Choose…
Re born in anorher reality

Ι do not belong…
All your life they teach how u must do, think, act, love, live, smile
All the years of education they teach how u must be present, dress, talk, feel…
All the time at your job they teach u how u behave, how u must seat, react, claim, interfear, communicate…
All that faces they teach me..make me feel that i do not belong
I do not belong in half truth
I do not belong in that small garden
I do not belong in the words that was never said
I do not belong in small boxes that keep the smile of the morning
I do not belong in shoutting and builing of the love, i never get
I do not belong in the incertain possibilities
But i do belong in myself
And in the possibility of climbing a big mountain
Maybe never go to the top
But i do belong in my dreams..


It shall be a festive day

When the Dawn shall come

There shall be Sun and Joy.

There shall also be a fair.

In the porch there shall be red roses.

Basil and myrrh trees.

All of them so dear.
For us
Life will start…..

Before you exist
You were a thought in my soul

Before you speak
I understand your words

For years
Loneliness was my companion

See the stars
Make wishes

Before i met you
I knew your parfum
Before you speak
I understand your soul

See the birds
Make wishes

Before you imagine
I draw a circle
I see you in and me

Before you kiss me
I feel your lips
Your body

A fireball
Burning me

Before i leave
I will never say goodbye

Αbout love

Moon know nothing about love
Man know nothing about the love
The humans love each other as they remember the love they received
Love is energy
Love is free and everywhere

Sun know nothing about love
As exist
Sun keeps shine
Give light and brightness

Humans know nothing about love
Love is not selfish
Love is not take or give

Love is a small gesture
little thinks as a sparrow came to the backyard
Love is few
Love can be big moments

Humans cannot understand love
Nobody can understand they cry of a newborn baby

Love we learn by giving away
By respect the man
Cherish the woman
Worship God

Love we cannot see
Or touch
Love is in ever little piece in earth
Listen your heart

Love as your heart beat
With harmony
With truth

Love is freedom.

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