Four Poem by Ewith Bahar


A necrology from your passing
Hits like ravaging earthquake
I stumble and try hard to firmly stand

Looking at our loving photo
My fog-glazed eyes, shed the agonies
A deep sorrow that crushing my vein
No ways to cope with this bitterness
No more refrain in our song
Painful coda crashes the melody away
An afterglow of your smile haunts.



Woman is a jail where
the freedom a man seek resides there
her curves are the safest room
in which a man hiding all their gloom

is his unavoidable sin but irreplaceable world
in woman…
man find tiny candles to light his despondency

Her heart….
a bottomless abyss
and a red puzzling mystery
only when you dive into the two crystals of her eyes
you can read her lyrical mind
and disclose all her secrets
put your canoe in them for an endless journey.



In my dream
I saw a yellow field of hope
inviting me for a feast and ritual
I got up and running
crossing a lake and gap
conquering my egoism

My legs found the reason
to keep running
without hesitation
with myself, endlessly competing.


It was a chiffon universe
the smoothness caressing our bare legs
a joy journey in golden balloons
no high tension, no depression
everyone was selfless
taught my soul about the genuineness

The childhood’s fantasy recedes
the reality crawls into sleeps
a chain of events, etched in memories
pearly bracelet of hardships and happiness
and the pure heart endlessly fights…..

BIOGRAPHY: Ewith Bahar is a published author, poetess, novelist, translator and essayist from Indonesia. She had a long time career in a mass communication field (radio and television industry). Prior to joining RCTI (The biggest private TV station in Indonesia) in 2004, she was a host for several musical and cultural programs for TVRI (Indonesian government TV station). She has published eleven books, in all genres: poetry, novel, short stories, and essays. Another three books are still in on-going process. Hundreds of her poems were published in many national newspapers, journals and online medias, home and abroad. Her works also can be found in approximately more than 70 poetry anthologies in Indonesia and in many international publication. One of her poetry books, Sonata Borobudur, got a prestigious prize from Indonesian National Library as The Best Five Indonesian Poetry Books 2019. In November 2021, her single poem, “Imigran Digital” won the third place in a poetry writing competition, related to outstanding yearly Indonesian Poetry Day celebration, organized by Yayasan Hari Puisi (Poetry Day Foundation). July 2022, her essay won the third place in an essay writing contest in Indonesia. Ewith’s poems have been translated into several foreign languages, such as English, Spanish, Indian, Serbian, Armenian, Uzbek, Nepali, French, Italian, Arabian, Macedonian and Korean. Besides writing career, Ewith was also a teacher at communication institutions, Interstudi and LEPPKINDO. She is now active in KaBi (Kanal Buku Indonesia – Indonesian Book Channel) and as a public speaker for creative writing, communication matters and bibliotherapy.

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