by Kay Watkins

There was a bird flying around
Looking for a place to call his own…
There was no place to be found,
He would continually roam

Pollution, deforestation kept decreasing safe places
To find food or build a nest, there were such limited spaces

What would happen when there’s no more clean air
No more grass or trees or clean water anywhere?

Every place for everyone
Would grow incredibly dim
Blotting out the light of life
Once & for all within

Is it too late?
To turn back the hands of time?
To restore our lands
To a liveable place
If not, tis’ be a crime

Can we try, really try
To effect a change
For our natural landscape to rearrange?
That instead of darkness,
We change the earth…
Truly make it right
Allowing all creatures that breathe fly into the light

Photo & poem
by Kay Watkins, 2022

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