Messenger of Peace

Arbind Kumar Choudhary

Mahatma ia an incarnation of peace
Who attains unprecedented excellence
For the essence of the conscience
Amidst many a disobedience?
Gandhi is a man of high tide
Who sails against the wind
For the guide of the national pride
Amidst many a Jekyll and Hyade?
Gandhi is at the top of the tree
Who brings the Britishers to the knees
For the sake of the fancy free
Amidst many a busy bee?
The father takes out a new lease of life
Amidst many a strife of knife.

Arbind Kumar Choudhary
Laila-Majnu tirade is beyond measure
Who sets the world on fire
For the shop of love everywhere
Amidst many a sorry-figure?
Love is a blessing in disguise
That brings down the house
For the sake of burst of applause
Amidst many a lame excuse?
Radha-Krishna episode is beyond measure
Who strikes the right note
For the sake of poor and white
Amidst many a backbite?
Lovely tongue is a blank cheque
Amidst many a loose tongue.


His two poetry books out of eleven – Majuli:The Vatican City of Assam and Mother India have been included for the post-graduate courses in Assam,India.





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